Jitka Skuhrava Glass


Location: Fairmont Hotel Beijing, Beijing, China

„Infinity“ - 13000 x W 3500 x H 3000 mm
Weight : approx. 1500 Kg
Glass: artistic hand-lown glass
Area: Main Lobby

„Cocoa“ - dia 4000 x OH 1600 mm
Weight : approx. 750 Kg
Glass: artistic hand-blown glass
Area: The Cut Private Dining Room

„Cocoa II“ - L 6250 x W 2550 x OH 1600 mm
Glass: artistic hand-blown glass
Area: Champagne Bar

Infinity is an interpretation of limitless space which is so hard to imagine for human beings. You can catch a glimpse of it in real experience -­‐ a shoal of fish, ocean rippling or river meanders. Infinity is a ceaselessly running stream of ripples whose dynamic curve contains energy of infinity as well as motion and never ending transformation. It is perceivable as a continuous line of various frequencies flowing through time and space.